de stelling/FRAMED#2
philippe vélez mc intyre showing his panel in the cabina
ali, showing his work, 2007
bart &klaar at work
bird eating the last of the apples
more pictures by philippe vélez mc intyre?
builders reading the Leroy book
philppe overseeing work
week 2
After a week of just having pictures we are now adding text.
We are trying not just to do explainations but let the texts have the quality of objects and images. First step is adding the title of the project and hanging the embroidered 'PLAN'.
Unfortunately the powerfull Leroy quotes we have ordered keep being delivered. to the wrong address.. What's the message here?
build by hand
stelling opbouw
week 2
Still no printed quotes. It gives us more time to realize that giving it a voice will change the entire aura.
While waiting at home for DHL to arrive it suddenly damned on me that we are getting more and more used to instant gratification. You do and immediately get a result, or at least an effect. You order, it is delivered the next day. Waiting, being in a state of expectancy, trusting that it will turn out right, it is getting more and more out of time.
That's why I like the wordlessness of the frame. It doesn't deliver, but is there.
metal beam seats
Finally the Le Roy quotes arrived.
Tomorrow we will give them a place.
Many people stop and look.
Read the titles. Look again.
The luxury we allow ourselves is letting it grow slowly. step by step.
The etymology of the word HOME is sewn by hand. Finding the right material, the right 'weight' is something that you find out through trial and error.
Tomorrow we'll see if it means anything..
bart testing his waking the dead sound machine
night of the dead performance the last light
night of the dead performance the last light
pictures Sarah Payton
views by philippe
new horizons, renovation Y slope underway..
old charm
old & new
But the users of the place don't seem to care much about the danger of the quicksand and have taken the fences down again.
DANGER! QUICKSAND! After a period of about a year of free use of a plot of contaminated land in the Buiksloterham suddenly this sign went up.
The land was in use by some urban travellers. Who in the last months put up more and more permanent shelters.
As well it became a popular places for having illegal little raves.
We have used it for relaxation and picking brambles for jam.
It was a quiet spot that was open to the public, more or less. We even had secret plans to make our next studio there....
But now a clear signal is send: hands off!
Not for private use...........
We are eagerly awaiting the eviction of the travellers.
For their own safety of course....
Gusta van Eyck explaining about her 'Verf van de Werf' (dyed by NDSM). On the background the former white but now lovely darkgreen piece of cotton, dyed with birch leaves.
the new NDSM morse code flag
click to try the sound
the making off............
Renovation Y-helling underway... Just like new
Van Scheepswerf naar vrijplaats.
Vrij-voorstel om op het buitenterrein van NDSM anders om te gaan met eigendom en beheer met als doel het een vrij toegankelijk EN cultureel aantrekkelijk en betaalbaar terrein van te houden. Door verschillend beheersvormen/ mensen (bottom-up) te laten zorgen voor hun 'eigen' tuin hou je een divers landschap door mensenhand gevormd.